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    Reliable Expertise

    As the main importer of Triple R systems in the UK and Ireland, and with over 14 years experience
    you can trust us to deliver an exceptional service

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    Remarkable ROI!

    Maximise production time, component life and cost savings with Triple R filters
    which can pay for themselves in less than three months

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    Break free from breakdowns!

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    Effective, Easy, Inexpensive

    Triple R Bypass Oil Cleaners remove 99.9% of particulates, are quick to install,
    and cost less than the price of one replacement valve

Machines Rely on Clean Oil – Here’s Why You Need Triple R

Why Triple R

Why Triple R

Avoid unnecessary machine breakdowns, early part replacementsand remedial works with TRIPLE R BYPASS CLEANING SYSTEMS. Unlike others on the market, our industry-leading filters remove 99.9% of all contaminants from oil, significantly increasing machine availability, longevity and efficiency.

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Proven Technology

Proven Technology

Triple R's patented 114mm, 3 layer filter has been tried and trusted for over 60 years. This Proven technology:-
  • Filters down below 2µ.
  • Removes 99% of all solid dirt particles as well as water
  • Eliminates the development of oxidation and resins
  • Reduces the concentration of free water to < 100
  • Extends the life of (critical) components
  • Drmatically improves the condition of even the dirtiest oil

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As the importer, sales channel, service and engineering base for the UK and Ireland, TRIPLE R | TRIS UK is able to fulfill every request with speed. we offer a full range of services including:-
  • Installation
  • Filter Maintenance
  • Oil management program and Analysis
  • Training and Workshops
  • Plug and Play rental equipment
ISO 9001-TUV
green award



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