• History

    Bypass depth filtration is essential today. The products of Triple R are known throughout the world and are used in a variety of industries. TRIS UK | Triple R is an important player with regard to Bypass Depth Filtration and all kinds of oil contamination related issues. We offer our clients permanent solutions in the field of oil cleanliness.

    In 1969 the basis was laid in Japan for the current Triple R. In principle it was the aim to develop a product which would extend the life of engine oil in trucks. This was successful; the first Triple R filter could cover 100,000 kilometres without changing the oil. A groundbreaking and practical, easy-to-implement solution had been found! For more than 12 years TRIS UK. ( also known as ChA Oil Systems Ltd) is active on the UK and Irish markets as an importer and distributor of Triple R products. In 2018, our Principle, TRIS B.V. became an importer for Europe, including exclusivity for assembly and engineering of Triple R products for the European market!

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  • Unique product

    Because of the continuous investments of TRIS | Triple R in the field of research and development our products offer the greatest effectiveness with regard to oil filtration. The filter elements of Triple R function according to the 3-phase filtration concept; a unique and patented filtration method. The oil is forced axially through the filter, so that a considerably thicker filtration mass is created compared to non-Triple R filter elements. Larger particles are captured at the top side, smaller particles up to 5μ are captured in the non-compressed part of the element and the smallest particles up to 2μ are captured in the bottom, compressed part of the filter element.

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  • Advantages

    The many advantages offered by Triple R filtration systems:


    Always clean oil, no development of dirt and wear particles, water and oxidation products. Less wear of hydraulic and mechanical components, such as (proportional) valves and hydraulic pumps. Less failures related to hydraulics.


    Increased reliability, deployability and productivity of machines. Postponement of oil change interval by factor 5 to 10. Reduction maintenance interval. Lower maintenance figure because of reduction of mechanical wear.

    Sustainability as part of Corporate Social Responsibility

    Reduction of the environmental burden caused by waste oil, CO2 reduction because of sustainable longer use of raw materials and Schone fluids and dry oil.

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  • No Nonsense approach

    TRIS | Triple R has a no-nonsense approach and helps you in word and deed with all your oil questions. Besides Triple R filtration systems and Triple R filter elements we also have::

    ATEX filtration systems, filtration systems for refrigeration compressors, vacuum systems, centrifuges, oil charging pumps, tank aerators, adapters, spare parts, filter elements of various brands, rental systems, 'tailor-made engineering'; tailor-made systems based on your unique situation, oil analyses and fuel filtration systems.

    However, we also offer various service options on site:

    Oil tank cleaning service, assembly on site and maintenance of bypass depth filtration systems through the oil management concept.

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Personal advice? You can contact us by phoning: +44 01896 757999 or by mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Since many years TRIS | Triple R has been an independent and very strong player in the field of filtration and separation systems. TRIS | Triple R is your perfect independent partner for all your oil-related issues.


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