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TRIS B.V. (Triple R Oil Cleaner | Triple R Industrial Services) is an organization that stands for a different view on oil-related maintenance. TRIS B.V. is the importer, the sales office, distribution, assembly and engineering headquarters for and in Europe in cooperation with our head office in Japan. Through the proven Triple R technique in bypass depth filtration and the extensive service possibilities of TRIS B.V. we serve our customers. The cleaning of oil with Triple R not only has a direct positive financial result for our customers, the environment also plays a major role because it is considerably relieved. TRIS B.V. strives for an awareness of the use of (finite) raw materials and responds to this with its filtration products which allow these raw materials to last many times longer than is normally the case.

To give substance to the strategic direction and the goal of our organization, a management system has been set up and implemented in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015. This takes into account the context of the organization.

The needs and expectations of our customers are central. We strive to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We strive for continuous improvement of our products and services and the operation of the quality management system. This is done, among other things, by means of risk management, the periodic drafting and monitoring of our quality objectives and monitoring of our processes.

The management has set itself the task of ensuring that the quality policy with the corresponding quality objectives are known to (hiring) personnel and relevant stakeholders and they are aware of how they should implement this. In addition, the management is responsible for keeping up-to-date the required professional knowledge and expertise of the staff through (compulsory or non-compulsory) teaching and training. If necessary, the necessary means will be provided.

To determine whether the requirements of our customers and stakeholders and legislation and regulations will continue to be met, internal and external audits will be carried out annually. Based on, among other things, the context and stakeholder analysis, the results of audits, measurements and monitoring of the quality objectives, complaints, customer satisfaction surveys and the supplier assessment, an evaluation of the management system is carried out annually by carrying out the management review. During the assessment, a reassessment of the interests of stakeholders, the internal and external issues and the contents of the risk register will also be made.

Management TRIS B.V.

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