Why Triple R

Stabilise the ageing process of your oil, prevent wear caused by dirt particles < 5 micron, prevent the development of resin through oil oxidation and remove water. Perfectly pure oil because of the most efficient filter on the market: Triple R.
How is this possible?

How is this possible?

A number of qualities of Triple R:
  • Removes 99% of all solid dirt particles 
  • Reduces the concentration of free water less than 100 ppm
  • Eliminates the development of oxidation and resin 
  • Extends the life of (critical) components 
  • Reduces the oil consumption and discharge of used oil 
  • Extends the life of current (expensive full flow) filters 
  • Considerable less oil-related failures 
  • Reduces production costs 
  • Increases the profit 
  • 100% environmentally aware 
The keyword is efficiency

The keyword is efficiency

Triple R’s patented, unique filter design forces the oil through a 114mm thick filter mass, consisting of 3 different layers. The largest particles remain on top, which for that matter offers an excellent analysis of the wear in the machine, smaller particles are captured in the middle, whereas the very smallest particles <2 microns are captured in the bottom, compressed part.

Besides dirt, the filter element built up of special cellulose paper, can also absorb about 200 ml of water. What makes the filter elements of Triple R unique compared to all other filters is the unique quality that it removes resins and oxidation products from the oil. No other similar product is able to remove all 3 forms of contamination, particles, water and resins from the oil. This makes our product the most efficient filter. We can state that Triple R is not an ordinary filter, but an oil cleaner

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